"We first chose Fletcher and Wilder to design BabyTalk creatives because we needed a fast turnaround. What we found is that not only did we get the project delivered in a timely manner, but the it was exactly what we were looking for. One of the best aspects is receiving multiple comps for the same project...and we know that we can count on them for getting it right every time."

Jennifer White
Time Consumer Marketing Inc. Consumer Marketing Manager BabyTalk Magazine
“"Faster than a speeding bullet" could be their motto. Fletcher and Wilder has been instrumental to the success of many of our marketing campaigns, and their turn-around time is amazing."

Patrick Sharpe
Consumer Marketing Director
Yankee Magazine
"Fletcher and Wilder's work is the best! They are multi-faceted, multi-talented; they can design your web site, put together your ads and marketing materials, and help you strategize your next campaign. Their work is top-quality, too."

Linda Ruth
Women in Periodical Publishing
“I am so pleased with the web site that Fletcher and Wilder Communications designed for my company: FeltCrafts. It is outstanding in its ease of use and warm, friendly feel, along with having a sophisticated and professional looking design. It stands out when compared to other sites with similar product lines."

Anne Vickrey
FeltCrafts ®
Fletcher and Wilder created our magazine logo and the graphic personality of our revamped magazine, Worldwide Projects. And today we’re very fortunate to have Fletcher and Wilder on our magazine masthead for Production & Design, and Jim Fletcher as Art Director. Your team’s great layouts and our good working rapport continue to help us be noticed and respected in a very competitive magazine field.

John Florian
Worldwide Projects
When we decided to produce a series of factsheets to describe each of our programs and services, Fletcher and Wilder Communications was an easy choice. Having worked together before, they understood our organization and could offer us an objective, fresh perspective. As a result, our marketing materials are easy to read and have a consistent and professional look. Your service before, during, and after production was responsive and cost-effective. Thanks!"

Tracy Messer,
Marketing Manager
Crotched Mountain
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